Sentence Examples

  • The breed's fur is short, straight and slightly rough, and the color typically varies between fawn, red or brindle with black or darker markings around the head.
  • Variegated yarns can give a brindle pattern to the dog's coat.
  • The coat should be thick, short and very silky, the favourite colours being white and white marked with brindle.
  • The breeds include the Ayrshire, noted milkers and specially adapted for dairy farms (which prevail in the south-west), which in this respect have largely supplanted the Galloway in their native district; the polled Angus or Aberdeen, fair milkers, but valuable for their beef-making qualities, and on this account, as well as their hardihood, in great favour in the north-east, where cattlefeeding has been carried to perfection; and the West Highland or Kyloe breed, a picturesque breed with long horns, shaggy coats and decided colours-black, red, dun, cream and brindle-that thrives well on wild and healthy pasture.