Sentence Examples

  • That he cast out devils "by Beelzebub, prince of the devils."
  • Baal Zebub of the Philistine Ekron became the Beelzebub who was equivalent to Satan.
  • The distinction of good and bad angels is recognized; we have names, Gabriel 4, and the evil angels Abaddon or Apollyon', Beelzebub 6, and Satan'; ranks are implied, archangels 8, principalities and powers9, thrones and dominions 10.
  • He is sometimes identified with Beelzebub or Apollyon (Rev. ix.
  • 6 In the New Testament we meet with Beelzebul, 7 which some of the versions, especially the Vulgate and Syriac, followed by the Authorized Version, have changed to Beelzebub, under the influence of 2 Kings.