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Another word for aptness

  1. An innate capability

      1. A momentary shock or scare:
      2. The right, duty, or opportunity to do something, esp. as coming to each of a number of people in regular order
      3. A distinctive, graceful, or artistic expression or arrangement of words:
      1. Any of various large units of weight or of money (the value of a talent weight in gold, silver, etc.) used in ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle East, etc.
      2. A superior, apparently natural ability in the arts or sciences or in the learning or doing of anything
      3. A person or group of people having such ability:
      1. A trick; device
      2. A clever expedient or way of doing something
      3. A special talent or skill, especially one difficult to explain or teach:
      1. (An) inborn tendency to behave in a way characteristic of a species; natural, unlearned, predictable response to stimuli
      2. (Psychoanalysis) A primal psychic force or drive, as fear, love, or anger; specif., in Freudian analysis, either the life instinct (Eros) or the death instinct (Thanatos)
      3. A natural or acquired tendency, aptitude, or talent; bent; knack; gift
      1. A single animal:
      2. The seat of the faculty of reason; intelligence, intellect, or mind:
      3. A turning point; a crisis:
      1. A talent or natural ability.
      2. The act, right, or power of giving or bestowing.
      3. The act of giving:
      1. Either of two spirits, one good and one evil, supposed to influence one's destiny
      2. A person having such capacity or ability
      3. A strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination:
      1. A sense of what is stylish and striking
      2. (Obs.) Sense of smell; hence, keen, natural discernment
      3. Distinctive elegance or style:
      1. A talent or natural ability for something:
      2. Any natural or specialized power of a living organism; sense
      3. Power or ability to do some particular thing; special aptitude or skill
      1. A natural leaning or tendency; propensity
      2. A framework transverse to the length of a structure, for supporting lateral as well as vertical loads
      3. Any of a genus (Agrostis) of dense, low-growing perennial grasses that spread by putting out runners and are often used for lawns and golf greens
      1. A natural ability or talent
      2. Quickness to learn or understand
      3. An inherent ability, as for learning; a talent: