The lowest possible temperature, at which all molecules are have the least possible amount of kinetic energy. Absolute zero is equal to 0°K, −459.67°F, or −273.15°C. At temperatures approaching absolute zero, the physical characteristics of some substances change significantly. For example, some substances change from electrical insulators to conductors, while others change from conductors to insulators. Absolute zero has never been reached in laboratory experiments.
  1. -273.15 Celsius
  2. -273.15 degrees C
  3. -459.67 degrees F
  4. -459.67 Fahrenheit
  5. 0 degrees Kelvin
  6. absence of heat
  7. lowest temperature
  8. zero degrees Kelvin
  9. zero kelvins
  1. coolth
  2. cryology
  3. nippiness