Sentence Examples

  • There is nowhere a real defining line between the two (many New Caledonians having black skins and woolly hair with Polynesian superiority of limb), but the Polynesian type is generally found among the chiefs and their kindred.
  • It should be added that young Asiatic elephants often show considerable traces of the woolly coat of the mammoth.
  • From an apple tree on two sides has been found to destroy all the ground form of the woolly aphis.
  • On the other hand, since the socalled peat-sheep of the prehistoric Swiss lake-dwellers appears to be represented by the existing Graubunden (Grisons) breed, which is woolly and coloured something like a Southdown, it may be argued that the former was probably also woolly, and hence that the survival of a hairy breed in a neighbouring part of Europe would be unlikely.
  • In fat-tailed sheep, on the other hand, which have much the same distribution, the coat is woolly and generally piebald.

What's another word for woolly?

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