Sentence Examples

  • The word "flocculent" is used of many substances which have a fleecy or "flock"-like appearance, such as a precipitate of ferric hydrate.
  • Admirable results are thus produced; as when, through a medium of cerulean blue, bright goldfish and blue-backed carp appear swimming in silvery waves, or brilliantly plumaged birds seem to soar among fleecy clouds.
  • They are both reddish yellow and brownish black (according to individual variation) in skin colour, with head hair often tending to russet, and body hair of two kinds - black and bristly on the upper lip, chin, chest, axillae and pubes; and yellowish and fleecy on the cheeks, back and limbs.
  • The Angora from the heights of central Asia Minor has curly, fleecy, silky, white wool, 4 to 7 in.
  • The present manufacture of fleecy hosiery dates from the end of the 18th century.

What's another word for fleecy?

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