Sentence Examples

  • His advice, however, was unpalatable and proved ineffectual.
  • His reasons were good; but his offensive style of argument rendered them unpalatable and himself unpopular.
  • The astringency renders the fruit somewhat unpalatable, but after it has been subjected to the action of frost, or has become partially rotted or "bletted" like a medlar, its flavour is improved.
  • Its lower course is sluggish, where its waters are made unpalatable by a reddish slime.
  • But his interest was in the fascinating game of diplomacy; he was ambitious of playing the leading part on the great stage of international politics; and he was too consummate a courtier to risk the loss of the imperial favour by any insistence on unpalatable reforms, which, after all, would perhaps only reveal the necessity for the complete revolution which he feared.

What's another word for unpalatable?

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