Sentence Examples

  • He'd take the turnpike extension south.
  • The various grounds of exemption from toll on turnpike roads were all of a public character, e.g.
  • The borough is built on nearly level ground in the fertile valley of the Conewago, at the point of intersection of the turnpike roads leading to Baltimore, Carlisle, York and Frederick, from which places the principal streets - sections of these roads - are named.
  • At every step of my progress in life (for in every step I was traversed and opposed), and at every turnpike I met, I was obliged to show my passport.
  • In 1700 it was incorporated as a township. The "old Connecticut path," the Boston-to-Worcester turnpike, was important to the early fortunes of Framingham Center, while the Boston & Worcester railway (1834) made the greater fortune of South Framingham.

What's another word for turnpike?

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