Sentence Examples

  • Mount Morrison stands nearly under the Tropic of Cancer.
  • Los Angeles has beautiful shade trees and a wealth of semi-tropic vegetation.
  • Gunter's Quadrant, an instrument made of wood, brass or other substance, containing a kind of stereographic projection of the sphere on the plane of the equinoctial, the eye being supposed to be placed in one of the poles, so that the tropic, ecliptic, and horizon form the arcs of circles, but the hour circles are other curves, drawn by means of several altitudes of the sun for some particular latitude every year.
  • - Mexico stretches across 17 parallels of latitude, with the Tropic of Cancer crossing her territory about midway.
  • Phaethon, the tropic-bird, he would place with the " Larides " and not with the " Pelecanides," which it only resembles in its feet having all the toes connected by a web.

What's another word for tropic?

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