Sentence Examples

  • Some movie goers will only know the names they see on the big screen, but if you're into useless bits of trivia, it can still be entertaining to find out the name listed on your favorite actor's birth certificate.
  • For fans who live and breathe BSG, there's also an all new Battlestar Galactica trivia game bonus on the DVD, and for those who want to, The Plan can be watched through Video on Demand at a number on online options.
  • For example, the annual "Elvis Presley" Carnival cruise features the world's best Elvis impersonator tributes, themed activities, in-room Elvis movies, trivia, meet and greet sessions and an Elvis fashion show.
  • Each player tries to collect six different cast cards as they go from room to room, answering trivia questions about the movie and completing singing and dance challenges ballet dancing and belly dancing.
  • Soundtrack DB - Soundtrack DB includes an extensive collection of soundtracks you can stream for free, plus soundtrack trivia games and a message board to chat with other soundtrack enthusiasts.