Sentence Examples

  • We cannot, therefore, call it precisely synonymous with theism.
  • Out of twenty so-called species he considers six to be really distinct, while the others are merely synonymous or trifling variations.
  • It is also used even more loosely as synonymous in the widest sense with "idea," "notion."
  • Thompson, 1830) synonymous with Bryozoa (Ehrenberg, 1831) for a group commonly included with the Brachiopoda in the Molluscoidea (Milne Edwards, 1;843).
  • Thenceforth the religion of Yahweh and the religion of the prophets are synonymous; no other reading of Israel's past was possible, and in fact the whole history of the Hebrews in Canaan, as it was finally shaped in the exile, is written from this point of view, and has come down to us, along with the remains of actual prophetic books, under the collective title of "The Prophets."