Sentence Examples

  • When Aristotle called syllogism X6yos, he meant that it is a combination of premises involving a conclusion of necessity.
  • But he thought that inferences other than syllogism are imperfect; that analogical inference is rhetorical induction; and that induction, through the necessary preliminary of syllogism and the sole process of ascent from sense, memory and experience to the principles of science, is itself neither reasoning nor science.
  • To be perfect he thought that all inference must be reduced to syllogism of the first figure, which he regarded as the specially scientific inference.
  • Aristotle's analysis of the syllogism showed man how to advance by combining his thoughts in trains of deductive reasoning.
  • But he laid too much stress on reasoning as syllogism or deduction, and on deductive science; and he laid too much stress on the linguistic analysis of rational discourse into proposition and terms. These two defects remain ingrained in technical logic to this day.