Sentence Examples

  • Far, far, away, beyond the stone and shale, she thought she saw a swatch of green.
  • Outside the delta, in the Bay of Bengal, is a deep depression known as the " swatch of no ground "; all around it the soundings are only of 5 to io fathoms, but they very rapidly deepen to over 300 fathoms. Mr J.
  • Amongst the best known of the furrows of the continental shelf are the Cape Breton Deep, in the Bay of Biscay, the Hudson Furrow, southward of New York, the so-called Congo Canon, the Swatch of No Ground off the Ganges delta, the Bottomless Pit off the Niger delta, and numerous similar furrows on the west coast of North America and outside the fjords of Norway, Iceland and the west of Scotland, as well as in the.