Sentence Examples

  • If there's a stationary point you could tie on to, all the better.
  • A bowl passing between the jack and either of the stationary bowls, and passing over the back line; or touching the jack, yet not trailing it past the first line, but itself crossing the back line; B I) 'B B ' S Feet---?
  • In no case must the stationary bowls be touched, or the semicircle crossed by the trailed jack or played bowls.
  • The played bowl must itself run into the ditch without touching either of the stationary bowls.
  • The engines of a 10-ton steam crane have cylinders capable of indicating about 60 horse-power when working at full speed, but it is found that, in consequence of the intermittent working, sufficient steam can be supplied with a boiler whose heating surface is only a to 4 of that necessary for the above power, when developed continuously by a stationary engine.

What's another word for stationary?

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