Sentence Examples

  • Because the Mediterranean features overwhelming diversity in culture, history, art, religion, architecture, food, and other interests, many cruise lines offer specialty itineraries that are scheduled to emphasize one type of experience.
  • You can find sexy costumes in a complete array of sizes -- from tiny to plus size -- at a many different types of outlets, including lingerie boutiques, party stores, Halloween specialty stores, costume shops, online retailers, and more.
  • Travel hair dryers by Samsonite and other manufacturers are usually available through specialty retailers and hair supply stores, though some luggage and travel boutiques may stock a limited supply for the convenience of their customers.
  • Short torso swimsuits that will flatter your unique frame are best purchased at specialty swim boutiques like Everything But Water, where an educated sales representative can help you find swimwear options that are ideal for your frame.
  • Additionally, some Buxton wallets have specialty features, such as the Mountaineer Executive Thinfold, which is an extra-thin tri-fold wallet, and the Modernist Double ID Passcase, which has extra organizational features for travelers.