Sentence Examples

  • I hope he turned the lights and siren on!
  • I think now that he knows you were on the mountain and you suspect something about the vodka, he realizes you heard the siren so he's setting it up to look like it was me, not him, who chased Billy.
  • Further, Rucker and Edser, using a siren as source, have succeeded in making a fork of the appropriate pitch respond to both difference and summation tones (Phil.
  • The presence, in some genera, of a second row of mandibular teeth seems to indicate the former existence of a splenial element, such as exists in Siren among the Caudata and apparently in the labyrinthodonts.
  • - Ventral present in the jaws of all known Stegocephalia view of the head and Apoda and of nearly all Caudata, Siren and trunk of Ichthy- alone presenting plates of horn upon the ophis glutinosus.

What's another word for siren?

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