Sentence Examples

  • It was the piercing screech of a siren.
  • The screech of metal on metal drove her to cover her ears as she moved farther away.
  • The demon within her let out a screech loud enough for the three men to cover their ears while Memon roared again.
  • The birds of prey include the red-shouldered, redtailed, broad-winged, Cooper's, sharp-shinned and sparrow hawk and the bald eagle; the great horned, barred, barn, snowy, shorteared and screech owls.
  • CHOUANS (a Bas-Breton word signifying screech-owls), the name applied to smugglers and dealers in contraband salt, who rose in insurrection in the west of France at the time of the Revolution and joined the royalists of La Vendee.

What's another word for screech?

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