Sentence Examples

  • They might have long been a bulwark between Rome and the wild hordes of the desert but for the shortsighted cupidity of Trajan, who reduced Petra and broke up the Nabataean nationality (105 A.D.).
  • He next turned his attention to anatomy, and, being himself shortsighted, devoted his inquiries mainly to the question of vision and the formation of the eye.
  • Since this shortsighted observer can view the object with the naked eye with no inconvenience to himself at 4 in.
  • right, Kris, I can.t understand how you could turn your back on the person who needed you most and justify it with your shortsighted arrogance.
  • Weak and shortsighted as a statesman, as a man and prelate Dalberg was amiable, conscientious and large-hearted.