Sentence Examples

  • You know the parts of each ship and can configure the ships' systems?
  • The land was soon after made near the mouth of a small stream, which Cook called, after the ship, the Endeavour river.
  • The new ship canal from Zeebrugge will not revive the ancient port, as it follows a different route, leaving Damme and Ecluse quite untouched.
  • " Challenger " (1873-1876), and the German ship " Gazelle " (1874-1876), the French expedition in the " Travailleur " (1880), and the U.S. surveying vessel " Blake " (1877 and later).
  • His name is not connected with the resistance to the levy of ship-money or to the action of the ecclesiastical courts, but in 1630 he was one of those fined for refusing to take up knighthood.

What's another word for ship?

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