Sentence Examples

  • From the same usage is derived the shorter political term "cave" for any body of men who secede from their party on some special subject.
  • He argued that a state had no legal right to secede, but denied that the federal government had any power forcibly to prevent it.
  • Two early commentators on the Constitution, St George Tucker in 1803 and William Rawle in 1825, declared that the sovereign states might secede at will.
  • (For an account of his administration see United States: History.) During the campaign radical leaders in the South frequently asserted that the success of the Republicans at the polls would mean that the rights of the slave-holding states under the Federal constitution, as interpreted by them, would no longer be respected by the North, and that, if Lincoln were elected, it would be the duty of these slave-holding states to secede from the Union.
  • The first to secede were the land powers of Greece proper, whose subordination Athens had endeavoured to guarantee by supporting the democratic parties in the various states.