Sentence Examples

  • To John, William did homage (1200) salvo jure suo.
  • A crashing salvo of 60 guns gave the signal for a combined assault to be delivered by Gerard and the Guard, with Milhaud moving on their right flank.
  • At Westminster, salvo jure suo, and through the lips of Bruce, earl of Carrick.
  • The third salvo hit the " Good Hope " forward at about 7:9 P.M.
  • The international Conference which met at Constantinople towards the end of 1876 was, indeed, startled by the salvo of guns heralding the promulgation of a constitution, but the demands of the Conference were rejected, in spite of the solemn warnings addressed to the sultan by the Powers; Midhat Pasha, the author of the constitution, was exiled; and soon afterwards his work was suspended, though figuring to this day on the Statute-Book.