Sentence Examples

  • They split before the demon battle, and Rhyn rounded up all the brothers.
  • In specialized biting insects, such as beetles (Coleo C ptera), the labium tends to become a hard transverse plate bearing the pair of palps, a median structure - known as the ligula - formed of the conjoined laciniae, and a pair of small rounded processes - the reduced galeae - often called the " paraglossae," a term better avoided since it has been applied also to the maxillulae of Aptera, entirety different structures.
  • As Dean rolled his Jeep down the main street of Ouray, he caught sight of a familiar figure with a rounded haircut.
  • As Dean rounded a curve, he caught sight of the tail end of a white vehicle speeding down the cliff-hanging road on the far side of the deep valley—a sheriff's white Blazer was his first impression.
  • She heard footsteps from the direction of the conference room and offered a smile as Ne'Rin rounded the corner.

What's another word for rounded?

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