Sentence Examples

  • Now, in considering the body of writings connected with this Veda, we are at once confronted by the fact that there are two different schools, an older and a younger one, in which the traditional body of ritualistic matter has been treated in a very different way.
  • OLD] and ritualistic; the other, more cosmopolitan, extended a freer welcome to strangers, and tolerated the popular elements and the superstitious cults which are vividly depicted (Isa.
  • In the Church of England the use of incense was gradually abandoned after the reign of Edward VI., until the ritualistic revival of the present day.
  • Kabir denounced idolatry and the ritualistic practices of the Hindus.
  • Ablutio, from abluere, " to wash off"), a washing, in its religious use, destined to secure that ceremonial or ritualistic purity which must not be confused with the physical or hygienic cleanliness of persons and things obtained by the use of soap and water.'

What's another word for ritualistic?

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