Sentence Examples

  • Kabir denounced idolatry and the ritualistic practices of the Hindus.
  • But the prophetic teaching was obscured in part by the nationalism of the prophets themselves, who exalted Israel as at once God's instrument and the peculiar object of his love; and in part by the triumph of a legal-ritualistic sacrificial system.
  • The result was to make Denison a keen champion of the ritualistic school.
  • Now, in considering the body of writings connected with this Veda, we are at once confronted by the fact that there are two different schools, an older and a younger one, in which the traditional body of ritualistic matter has been treated in a very different way.
  • In the Church of England the use of incense was gradually abandoned after the reign of Edward VI., until the ritualistic revival of the present day.

What's another word for ritualistic?

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