Sentence Examples

  • The charges 1 were in part quite trivial, and the evidence was ridiculously inadequate for the graver charges.
  • 222); and his contemporary, Pope Boniface IX., complained of their absolving even impenitent sinners for ridiculously small sums (pro qualibet parva pecuniarum summula, Raynaldus, Ann.
  • Again the formula of the Joint-Method, which contemplates the enumeration of cases " which have nothing in common but the absence of one circumstance," is ridiculously unsound as it stands.
  • We have a lot of left-overs and Scruffy is getting ridiculously fat.
  • Between November 1870 and September 1873, accompanied by only three men and with ridiculously small pecuniary resources, he crossed the Gobi desert, reached Peking, and, pushing westwards and south-westwards, explored the Ordos and the Ala-shan, as well as the upper part of the Yangtsze-kiang.