Sentence Examples

  • A constitutional convention to revise or amend the constitution may be called in the same manner.
  • The same year a convention, whose duty was to revise the constitution, met.
  • Mr Spottiswoode granted the request and undertook to revise his work.
  • A majority of the members in each house of the General Assembly may at any time propose a convention to revise the constitution and, if at the next succeeding election a majority of the people voting on the question approve, the General Assembly must provide for the election of delegates.
  • Soon after he was dismissed from all his offices on the following charges, - the concealment, as attorney-general, of a bond belonging to the king, a charge which could not be proved, illegal interference with the court of chancery and disrespect to the king in the case of commendams. He was also ordered by the council to revise his book of reports, which was said to contain many extravagant opinions (June 1616).