Sentence Examples

  • What resistance could Italy have offered had the German chancellor, seconded by Austria, and assuredly supported by France, called upon Italy to revise the Law of Guarantees in conformity with Catholic exigencies, or had he taken the initiative of making papal independence the subject of an international conference?
  • In 1536 he was required to revise his own sentence in favour of the validity of Henry's marriage with Anne Boleyn; and on the 17th of May the marriage was declared invalid.
  • To revise one's first principles is to be an intuitionalist no longer.
  • He returned to England in J anuary 1559, was appointed one of the committee to revise the liturgy, and one of the Protestant representatives at the Westminster conference.
  • In accordance with his pre-election pledge, Congress was called to meet in extra session on the 15th of March to revise the tariff.

What's another word for revise?

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