Sentence Examples

  • Even the shoulder-blades are said to be put in requisition for cutting grass."
  • In the case of the ship of a neutral power, the passport is a requisition by the government of the neutral state to suffer the vessel tc pass freely with the crew, cargo, passengers, &c., without molestation by the belligerents.
  • In China large spheres of good coloured coral command high prices, being in great requisition for the button of office worn by the mandarins.
  • Esparto leaves contain 56% by weight of fibre, or about ro% more than straw, and hence have come into requisition as a substitute for linen rags in the manufacture of paper.
  • They would wish to be able to picture Him to their minds; and especially to understand what could have led to His being put to death by the Romans at the requisition of the Jews.

What's another word for requisition?

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