Sentence Examples

  • The arrival of the Motherships was one of the greatest dramatic moments in science fiction mini-series history spawning similar feats in the film Independence Day and the 2009 remake of the series also known as V.
  • Movies: Popular movies and classic flicks can inspire a fun prom theme, but be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the event and not just a remake of a hit movie that won't be trendy by prom night.
  • After winning the £1 million contract, Leona Lewis worked with Cowell and her first planned single released was a remake of A Moment Like This, originally sung by American Idol'' winner Kelly Clarkson.
  • Colbie had seen Lauryn Hill in the film Sister Act 2, but it was Hill's remake of the Roberta Flack song Killing Me Softly that piqued Colbie's interest in singing and songwriting.
  • Rogen has worked on numerous writing projects with his childhood friend, Evan Goldberg, including Da Ali G Show, Superbad, The Pineapple Express, and a remake of The Green Hornet.