Sentence Examples

  • But not much reliance can be placed on this kind of determination.
  • The universal reliance on animal life stimulated the study of the animal kingdom.
  • Here also begins his long controversy with Rivinus (Augustus Quirinus Bachmann) which chiefly turned upon Ray's indefensible separation of ligneous from herbaceous plants, and also upon what he conceived to be the misleading reliance that Rivinus placed on the characters of the corolla.
  • His reliance upon the knights, or middle-class landowners, who now for the first time appear in the political foreground, is all the more interesting because it is this class who, either as members of parliament or justices of the peace, were to have the effective rule of England in their hands for so many centuries.
  • We have already seen that the Chinese as late as the end of the 8th century made voyages with compasses on which but little reliance could be placed; and it may perhaps be assumed that the compasses early used in the East were mostly too imperfect to be of much assistance to navigators, and were therefore often dispensed with on customary routes.