Sentence Examples

  • The prefect of the praetorium was determined to satisfy the soldiers, regardless altogether of the feelings of the provincials.
  • The new constitution, therefore, started badly, and it was soon evident that William intended to make his will prevail, and to carry out his projects for what he conceived the social, industrial and educational welfare of the kingdom regardless of the opposition of Belgian public opinion.
  • His delight is in war and bloodshed; he loves fighting for fighting's sake, and takes the side of the one or the other combatant indifferently, regardless of the justice of the cause.
  • The horse first, regardless of whether it was right or wrong to show fear, snorted, reared almost throwing the major, and galloped aside.
  • The intense conservatism of his character, however, and his antagonistic attitude towards every change, regardless of whether it was necessary or not, had much to do with the alarming state of the navy towards 1889.

What's another word for regardless?

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