Sentence Examples

  • Nor was the theory of reflex action confined to the more "mechanical" functions.
  • His restless life was the reflex of a mental history disturbed by prolonged agitation.
  • This reflex activity with "paralysis of will" is characteristic of the somnambulistic state.
  • It excites the motor areas of the spinal cord and increases their reflex irritability.
  • In the same way, the reflex act of coughing is useful in removing either foreign bodies or excessive secretion from the air passages; but when the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is irritated and inflamed, it produces a feeling of tickling and a desire to cough sometimes very violently; yet the coughing simply tends to exhaust the patient, because there is really little or nothing to bring up. The same is the case in inflammation of the lung substance itself.

What's another word for reflex?

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