Sentence Examples

  • Although Grattan had a profound contempt for Emmet's political understanding, describing him as a quack in politics who set up his own crude notions as settled rules, Emmet was among the more prudent of the United Irishmen on the eve of the rebellion.
  • The latter process, which was known to Basil Valentine, was commercially applied by the quack doctor, Joshua Ward (1685-1761), of Twickenham, England, to the manufacture of the acid, which was known as "oil of vitriol made by the bell" or per campanum.
  • Hence the modern sense of empirical as applied to the guess work of an untrained quack or charlatan.
  • ALEXANDRE AUGUSTE LEDRU-ROLLIN (1807-1874), French politician, was the grandson of Nicolas Philippe Ledru, the celebrated quack doctor known as "Comus" under Louis XIV., and was born in a house that was once Scarron's, at Fontenay-aux-Roses (Seine), on the 2nd of February 1807.
  • ==Therapeutics== Externally arsenious acid has been much used by quack doctors to destroy morbid growths, &c., a paste or solution being applied, strong enough to kill the mass of tissue and make it slough out quickly.