Sentence Examples

  • LEROY - BEAULIEU, HENRI JEAN BAPTISTE Anatole (1842-), French publicist, was born at Lisieux, on the 12th of February 1842.
  • SIR JAMES MACKINTOSH (1765-1832), Scottish publicist, was born at Aldourie, 7 m.
  • CHRISTIAN THOMASIUS (1655-1728), German jurist and publicist, was born at Leipzig on the 1st of January 1655, and was educated by his father, Jakob Thomasius (1622-1684), at that Lime head master of the Thomasschule.
  • To many minds the interest and usefulness of economics depend entirely on the application of these methods, for it is the actual working of economic institutions about which the statesman, the publicist, the business man and the artisan wish to know.
  • ABRAHAM NICOLAS AMELOT DE LA HOUSSAYE (1634-1706), French historian and publicist, was born at Orleans in February 1634, and died at Paris on the 8th of December 1706.