Sentence Examples

  • Mansel charged Kant with inconsistency in this preferential treatment of the moral consciousness; all our knowledge, even in moral things, was " relative " and was " regulative."' But, whether consistent or inconsistent, Kant was deliberate in differentiating between the ethical and the theoretic knowledge of man.
  • This preferential and discriminating policy, combined with other causes which cannot here be discussed, resulted in 'the Granger legislation of.
  • A preferential right over ordinary creditors, and extending, subject to certain limitations, over the whole stock and crop of the tenant.
  • He advocated the creation of a permanent deliberative imperial council, and favoured preferential trade relations between the United Kingdom and the other members of the empire; and in later years he took an active part in advocating the cause of tariff reform and colonial preference.
  • In 1377 of all their privileges, which accorded them the preferential treatment they had claimed and became the foundation of the Hanseatic position in England.

What's another word for preferential?

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