Sentence Examples

  • Mansel charged Kant with inconsistency in this preferential treatment of the moral consciousness; all our knowledge, even in moral things, was " relative " and was " regulative."' But, whether consistent or inconsistent, Kant was deliberate in differentiating between the ethical and the theoretic knowledge of man.
  • The traders, too, get little, while preferential treatment is meted out to the clergy and the barons.
  • The segregation may be geographical, or may be the result of preferential mating, or of seasonal mating, and its effects plainly can be made no more of than proximate or empirical laws of differentiation, of great importance in codifying and simplifying the facts to be explained.
  • This preferential and discriminating policy, combined with other causes which cannot here be discussed, resulted in 'the Granger legislation of.
  • A preferential right over ordinary creditors, and extending, subject to certain limitations, over the whole stock and crop of the tenant.

What's another word for preferential?

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