Sentence Examples

  • Accordingly, when he said that a substance is a subject, he meant a real subject; and when he said that a universal species or genus is a predicate, he meant that it is a real predicate belonging to a real subject, which is always some individual substance of the kind.
  • Usually we leave the predicate indefinite, because, as long as the thing in question is (or is not) determined, it does not matter about other things, and it is vain for us to try to think all things at once.
  • His assumptions were predicated on this belief.
  • The symbol of equality (=) is not the same as the copula (is); it means " is equal to," where " equal to " is part of the predicate, leaving " is " as the copula.
  • This man or this animal, because such a primary substance is not a predicate; but that the species man or the genus animal is the substance which is the predicate of Socrates the subject (Cat.

What's another word for predicate?

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