Sentence Examples

  • It is probable that pointer blood was introduced in the course of shaping the various breeds of setter.
  • Excepting for greyhounds, however, high prices are rarely offered for sporting dogs, 300 guineas for the pointer "Coronation" and 200 guineas for the retriever "High Legh Blarney" being the best reported prices for gun dogs during the last few years.
  • Walsh), in British Rural Sports, classified dogs as follows: - (a) Dogs that find game for man, leaving him to kill it himself - the pointer, setters, spaniels and water spaniels.
  • Therefore an index pointer attached to the bottom of the spring, and moving past a scale would rub slightly against the case.
  • The weight of the goods is recorded by means of an index pointer fixed to the casing on one side of the vertical slot, and the money values are opposite the figures defining the rates per lb, which are marked on the edge of the casing below the hori zontal slot.

What's another word for pointer?

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