Sentence Examples

  • While those whose existing mortgages aren't from Chase can still refinance with a mortgage from Chase, the HARP program is simply a shortcut to doing so, since all of your information is already in the system.
  • Drink mixes of all varieties can be a great shortcut to making the perfect drink. if strawberry Daiquiri drink mixes don't satisfy your taste, sour apple martini mix may also be a great way to go.
  • Shaw Floors lets you peruse their selection online of carpets and area rugs available, then use the "where to buy flooring" shortcut to locate a store near you to make purchases.
  • In order to make use of the following codes, you must creat a shortcut to the Quake4 EXE file, and edit the shortcut's command line with the suffix +set com_allowConsole 1.
  • However, learning by a shortcut method of tab playing usually requires you to be familiar with the song and a basic understanding of how to read tabs.