Sentence Examples

  • Thus a monochromatic image of the sun is built up on the fixed photographic plate.
  • Suppose a fixed image of the sun to be formed on the collimator slit of this spectroscope, and a photographic plate, with its plane parallel to the plane of the solar image, to be mounted almost in contact with the camera slit.
  • The telescope serves to examine the image of the slit and to measure the angular separation of the different slit images; when photographic methods are employed the telescope is replaced by a camera.
  • In importance next to visual observation, and in the opinion of some, surpassing it, is the photographic method.
  • Schumann 2 have shown, however, that with the help of spectroscopes void of air and specially prepared photographic plates, spectra can be registered as far down as lzoo A.

What's another word for photographic?

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