Sentence Examples

  • The decorative value of hieroglyphic was fully appreciated in Egypt.
  • In hieroglyphic a king bears several names preceded by distinctive titles.
  • The hieroglyphic text upon the Rosetta stone was toO fragmentary to furnish of itself the key to the decipherment.
  • Whether the national hieroglyphic system of the Hittites expressed the same Indo-European language as, according to Hrozny, their cuneiform does, we do not know, as further attempts to elucidate it made by Campbell Thompson 11 and Cowley," while in themselves very interesting experiments, do not seem to take us further than previous attempts by Sayce and others.
  • The royal inscriptions are written in the hieroglyphic character and the Egyptian language, which, however, in the opinion of experts, steadily deteriorate after the separation of Ethiopia from Egypt.

What's another word for hieroglyphic?

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