Sentence Examples

  • Persona) became the technical name for each of the Divine Three.
  • The royal courts are no longer to attend the kings persona vexatious practice when sovereigns were always on the move, and litigants and witnesses had to follow them from manor to manorbut are to be fixed at Westminster.
  • To Carloman, on his accession in 882, Hincmar addressed his De ordine palatii, partly based on a treatise (now lost) by Adalard, abbot of Corbie (c. 814), in which he set forth his system of government and his opinion of the duties of a sovereign, a subject he had already touched in his De regis persona et regio rninisterio, dedicated to Charles the Bald at an unknown date, and in his Instructio ad Ludovicum regem, addressed to Louis the Stammerer on his accession in 877.
  • 3 Sophron's mime began with 7r6, yap a 6ac i 5aXTos; Theocritus's begins with ir¢ b un Tai SacAvac; The Scholiast thought that Theocritus showed want of taste in, making Thestylis a persona muta, instead of giving her a share in the dialogue as Sophron had done.
  • The maharaja was passionately fond of sport, and his shooting parties were celebrated, while he himself became a persona grata in English society.

What's another word for persona?

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