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  • Their chief function is to ordain, and to act as "intercessors."
  • They alone can administer the rite of confirmation, ordain priests and deacons, and exercise a certain dispensing power.
  • For according to the Pontifical, the episcopate is the " summum sacerdotium "; the bishop in consecration receives " the sacerdotal grace "; it is " his office to consecrate, ordain, offer, baptize, confirm."
  • Finally, early in 1614, King, bishop of London, "proceeded with all convenient speed to ordain him, first deacon, then priest."
  • They prohibit (1) the worship of other gods, (2) the making of molten images; they ordain (3) the observance of the feast of unleavened bread, (4) the feast of weeks, (5) the feast of ingathering at the end of the year, and (6) the seventhday rest; to Yahweh belong (7) the firstlings, and (8) the firstfruits of the land; they forbid also (9) the offering of the blood of sacrifice with leaven, (io) the leaving-over of the fat of a feast until the morning, and (r1) the seething of a kid in its mother's milk.

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