Sentence Examples

  • He was ordained about the same time, and admitted D.C.L.
  • Next year he was ordained to the curacy of St Mary's, Bryanston Square, and took priest's orders in 1868.
  • Born atAmid (Diarbekr) about 505, he was there ordained as a deacon in 52 9: but in 534 we find him in Palestine, and in 535 he passed to Constantinople.
  • He was ordained minister of New Luce in Galloway in 1660, but had to leave his parish under Middleton's Ejectment Act in 1663.
  • He was ordained curate of Llandingat, Carmarthen, in 1874, and became warden and headmaster of the college, Llandovery, in 1875, holding this position until 1885, when he accepted the living of Carmarthen.