Sentence Examples

  • 3 (1690), which makes an offender liable for treble damages.
  • Unsuccessful litigants are to be calculated according to the measure of their offence, and are not to be arbitrary pepalties raised or lowered at the kings good pleasure according to the sum that he imagined that the offender could be induced to pay.
  • The lesser (niddah) involved exclusion from the synagogue for thirty days, and other penalties, and might be renewed if the offender remained impenitent.
  • Io), to whom the offender is to be handed over for bodily destruction (v.
  • The delimitation (1903-1904) of the frontier between the Sudan and Abyssinia enabled order to be restored in a particularly lawless region, and slave-raiding on a large scale ended in that quarter with the capture and execution of a notorious offender in 1904.

What's another word for offender?

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