Sentence Examples

  • Siphons or nutritive appendages, from which the order takes its.
  • Germany, rye is the principal cereal; and in nutritive value, as measured by the amount of gluten it contains, it stands next to wheat, a fact which furnishes the explanation of its culture in N.
  • The testa is thin and membranous but occasionally coloured, and the embryo small, the great bulk of the seed being occupied by the hard farinaceous endosperm (albumen) on which the nutritive value of the grain depends.
  • And III., capable of either locomotion or fixation at will, were either differentiated into alternating generations of fixed sterile nutritive hydroids (scyphistomoids) and locomotor sexual medusoids, or abandoned the power of fixation in hypogenetic cases.
  • The soul at first is void of content; in the embryo it has not developed beyond the nutritive principle of a plant (Outs): at birth the " ruling part " is a blank tablet, although ready prepared to receive writing.

What's another word for nutritive?

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