Sentence Examples

  • Nationality of Immigrants to the United States, 1901-1905.
  • The nationality (country of origin of immigrants coming to the United States, 1871-1895) is shown in the following table: Nationality of Immigration to the United States.
  • The two parts of this play, like all those by Castro, have the genuine ring of the old romances; and, from their intense nationality, no less than for their primitive poetry and flowing versification, were among the most popular pieces of their day.
  • The revival of the nationality agitation has produced a marked change in this respect.
  • In 1900 the population included 1,386,115 persons of German nationality, 102,974 Czechs and Slovaks, 4346 Poles, 805 Ruthenians, 1329 Slovenes, 271 Serbo-Croatians, and 1368 Italians, all Austrian subjects.