Sentence Examples

  • 1 The restrictions on domicile were to some extent relaxed in the beginning of 1907.
  • The citizens were of two classes: (i) cives, whether by birth, naturalization or emancipation, (2) incolae, who enjoyed a partial citizenship based on domicile for a certain period.
  • In theory all religions may be freely professed, except that certain restrictions, such as domicile,' are laid upon the Jews; but in actual fact the dissenting sects are more or less severely treated.
  • By the end of 1909 it was stated that 8000 Indians - most of whom claimed the right of domicile - had been compelled to leave the country, while 2500 had been imprisoned for failure to comply with the Registration Act.
  • Of Taurus - a fact of some bearing on the problem of the origin and local domicile of the art, since rock-reliefs, at any rate, cannot be otherwise than in situ.