Sentence Examples

  • Another morsel of info emerged over ice cream and brownies as the sun began coloring the west.
  • That he rode on the crest of a splendid wave of art is not to be questioned: but it is to be regretted that we have no morsel of work extant for which we can definitely hold him responsible.
  • But the occluding callus is a mass of delicate succulent cells, and offers a dainty morsel to certain insects e.g.
  • But if a catechumen be found at the table, she shall not be suffered to join with the full believers in their prayers, nor shall the latter sit with her to eat the morsel" (ifiw�ov, used specially of the sanctified bread).
  • He was not altogether without the young man's appetite for pleasure; yet when he was only nineteen we find him wondering, amid the gaieties of the carnival of 1817, how a gavotte or a minuet could make people forget that thirty thousand human beings around them had barely a morsel to eat.

What's another word for morsel?

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