Sentence Examples

  • This connexion is more clear in the case of Thorger6r HOlgabruor, who is known chiefly from the extreme veneration paid to her by Haakon, earl of Lade (+995).
  • "Lade,"; and R.
  • 383 ff.; Zimmern, Die Keilinschriften and das Alte Testament, pp. 529 f., 631 f.; Dibelius, Die Lade Jahves (1906), pp. 72-86.
  • In the year 1 000, when the Norwegian king was in Pomerania, a coalition was formed between the king of Sweden, Sweyn Forkbeard, king of Denmark, and earl Eric of Lade, and the allies waylaid their enemy off the coast near Riigen and overthrew him in Reign of the great sea-battle of Svolder.
  • Similar commercial considerations determined the Chians in their attitude towards the Persian conquerors: in 546 they submitted to Cyrus as eagerly as Phocaea resisted him; during the Ionian revolt their fleet of too sail joined the Milesians in offering a desperate opposition at Lade (494).

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