Sentence Examples

  • In 804 he was visited by Pope Leo, who returned to Rome laden with gifts.
  • In 673 'Obaidallah, the son of Ziyad, crossed the river, occupied Bokhara, and returned laden with booty taken from the wandering Turkish tribes of Transoxiana.
  • Some way below Bellegarde, between Le Parc and Pyrimont, the Rhone becomes officially "navigable," though as far as Lyons the navigation now consists all but wholly of the floating of flat-bottomed boats, named g igues, laden chiefly with stone quarried from the banks of the river.
  • The reality of it was proved by a ship being found laden with gunpowder in the Liverpool docks, and another with s000 and 2000 pike-heads in Dublin.
  • As the silt-laden waters debouch from the rocky bed of the upper reaches on to the plains, the current slackens, and the coarser detritus settles on the bottom.

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