Sentence Examples

  • From that time on, china cabinets grew in favor with the wealthy as they displayed their fine objects and treasured books safely behind glass keeping them free of dirt, dust and grime.
  • If you are looking to purge your living space of dirt, grime and multiple seasons' worth of gunk, then these simple tips on spring cleaning the home will help get the job done.
  • Charm bracelets by their very nature have a number of component pieces that can attract grime and dust, get caught in clothes and be damaged or knocked during everyday wear.
  • Tempting as it can be to hit the sack without washing the day's dirt, grime and oil away, there's nothing worse for your skin than falling asleep with a face full of makeup.
  • While cleansing can be done with any product that removes surface grime, Lexli recommends its own cleanser and makeup remover, as well as toner in the cleansing step.