Sentence Examples

  • Russia, justly offended, drew closer her ties with Prussia, where Bismarck was already hatching the plans which were to mature in 1866; and, if the attitude of Napoleon in the Polish question prevented any revival of the alliance of Tilsit, the goodwill of Russia was assured for France in the coming struggle with Austria in Italy.
  • The late atrocities had made confidence or goodwill between parties impossible.
  • In f341, although this step did not win for him, as he desired, the goodwill of the pope, Louis and he was soon involved in a more serious struggle and the with John of Bohemia and the Luxemburgs.
  • Omar, who obtained for him the goodwill of the Porte and reinstatement in his post as Sheik al-Balad.
  • Looking ahead after the Seven Years' War, Frederick saw no means of securing himself so effectually as by cultivating the goodwill of Russia.

What's another word for goodwill?

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